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Get Your Records Picked Up And Delivered 24/7 With InfoStor's Data Shuttle Service

InfoStor's fleet of vehicles is the largest in the North Bay. Our staff of friendly drivers stands ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week to transport our customers' vital documents and media safely and securely.

InfoStor's basic delivery schedule is as follows:

Regular Delivery Requested by 3pm, delivered by Noon the following day, or Requested by 5pm, delivered by 5pm the following day.
Same Day Delivery Requested by 10am, delivered by 5pm.
Rush Delivery Any delivery not conforming to the above schedules is considered a rush. If requested, a rush will be delivered within 2 - 3 hours, depending on location, or ASAP, as requested.
After-hrs/Emergency InfoStor is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week 365 days per year for customer needs. All it takes is a phone call to InfoStor's night pager and our staff is on the move.

[NOTE: InfoStor can also provide even more immediate service by either scanning then sending a file as an e-mail attachment (digital scan-and-send-on-demand) or by sending via facsimile. This process may take another five minutes, meaning we can deliver a requested file in a total of no more than ten minutes from the time of request - guaranteed!

At the point of delivery, a portable digital printer is used to print a receipt that acknowledges the item codes of the delivered items, the driver, the receiver, the time, and a place for the signature of both parties. This system provides total accountability for requested items, from archive storage to worksite.

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If you have a specific question or comment about our Datavault Storage services, please let us know.

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