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Put Your Valuables In A Safe Deposit Box Thatís As Secure As Your Bank At A Lower Cost

InfoStor's safe deposit boxes are perfect for businesses or individuals who want an extra layer of protection for their most valuable and irreplaceable possessions. From wills and cash to commodities and precious metals, our all-steel units can handle it all.

The only other option you have for this service in the North Bay is to rent a safe deposit box from your bank at a higher cost than InfoStor, and we have box sizes larger than any bank we surveyed.

Our safe deposit boxes are contained within our vault and operate on the same two-key system your bank uses, guaranteeing privacy of your items. They come in four sizes, from 1.4 cubic feet all the way to 7 cubic feet to satisfy all needs.

Because InfoStor's safe deposit boxes are much larger than the ones at the bank, they are more versatile. Also, because they are enclosed within our vault, whatever is stored within them is protected from both heat and humidity at all times, not to mention having the protection of the 10-inch thick, steel-reinforced vault and locking steel vault door which surrounds them.

For those particularly concerned with privacy, we offer numbered accounts so that only you and InfoStor know whose items are stored in the box.

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