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Are You Tired Of Pushing Paper Every Time You Need To Review A Document?

InfoStor provides scanning services, along with hardware and software solutions, to work with our clients to provide both long-term document management and storage solutions as well as provide cost-effective outsourced scanning production.

From cleaning up a single department's records to implementing multi-location document workflow processes, storage and management, InfoStor has the combined industry experience, state-of-the-art scanning technology, and highly trained staff to provide not only compelling and unique combinations of services and solutions offerings, but also superior results.

Outsourcing your imaging needs offers:

  • Reduced labor and management overhead
  • Reduced equipment and office space overhead
  • Reduced cost per scanned image
  • Professionally scanned images of your documents, validated for quality, and verified indexing
  • A single source for all your document imaging input and output format requirements

For those customers who store business records with InfoStor, Scan-and-Send-on-Demand gives on-line access to hard copy documents in a flash. Scan-and-Send-on-Demand provides:

  • An ability to image records only as needed
  • A cost-effective solution without back file conversion expenses
  • Faster retrieval of records as needed for immediate access
  • Printed, faxed or distributed images over your local area network
View-on-Demand from our Digital Warehouse

InfoStor's "View-on-Demand" provides customers a cost effective solution and fingertip accessibility to imaging technology. InfoStor has invested in a state-of-the-art imaging storage solution that includes a variety of on-line disk storage, near-line CD-ROM jukeboxes and CD-ROM media for off-line. Our digital warehouse lets customers convert documents to digital images and store them at InfoStor from the web. For a very reasonable cost, document images are securely stored on-line and are accessible via the Internet, private intranet or direct line, at any time and from any location.

Imaging Hardware and Software Offerings

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