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"InfoStor's DataVault is different than any of the other providers we looked at. It is environmentally controlled, and the security procedures are the same standards used in a bank vault. It meets our needs in every way. They set up a very convenient data tape rotation schedule that worked around some of our special needs. We believe that any company should consider disaster recovery - especially in the Bay Area. We count on InfoStor to protect our vital data from potential disasters. Service is always professional and courteous, and they bend over backwards to make sure our needs are met. InfoStor gets us our emergency files right on time, as promised, every time. And the ability to use the web to access our storage at InfoStor has been very helpful to us."

- Jeff Herberg,
Director of Facilities,
Redwood Credit Union

Did You Know that 44% Of Businesses Fail After A Disaster Because Their Records Are Lost? - Don't Be One Of Them.

InfoStor's DataVault Gives You Peace Of Mind by Simplifying Disaster Preparedness

  • Safeguards against catastrophic disaster to your organization by loss of integral information
  • Ultimately safe, secure and controlled facilities offer total peace of mind.
  • Designed to safeguard every form of magnetic and micrographic media, from back-up computer tapes to valuable audio and video tape.
  • Environmentally-controlled to ASCII standards at all times, ensuring the long-term integrity of your vital data.
  • Safeguards against catastrophic disaster to your organization by loss of vital information.
  • Safe and secure facilities with controlled access offer total peace of mind.
  • Fast, accurate and safe data tape rotation and delivery.
If you have records that have more sensitive storage needs, or are more critical, InfoStor's Vault Storage is important to the long life of your business. InfoStor's DataVault is the only North Bay choice. Designed to safeguard all forms of magnetic and micrographic media under almost any environmental condition, our facilities exceed the industry storage guidelines for digital and analog media storage.

Security That Exceeds HIPAA, Graham-Leach-Bliley, And Sarbanes-Oxley Standards
InfoStor's two DataVaults are carefully engineered structures that exceed all federal government standards. The vaults are constructed of 10-inches of steel-reinforced concrete and integrated into the shell of the building. Only our bonded employees are allowed access to the solid steel, combination-locked vault doors. InfoStor maintains temperature and humidity at constant, ASCII-prescribed levels to ensure preservation of even the most sensitive materials.

Data Tape Rotation And Delivery Services
It's vital to keep the data in the vault fresh at all times. For that reason, InfoStor also offers convenient tape and media rotation services. We will set up a schedule that fits your needs. If you need faster or emergency service, that's available too.

"That's Entertainment…"
Some of the biggest names in music and film trust us to preserve their original analog recordings for generations-to-come. If you have a need for secure, environmentally-controlled media storage, please call us for a tour of our six-hour fire vault. It is the ultimate in secure media storage.

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