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Introducing InfoStor Staff

  Marie Mallory, General Manager
Marie has day-to-day oversight responsibilities for customer service and order fulfillment, as well as management of the InfoStor's Web interface and IT infrastructure. Marie has spent her 23-year career in information technology, supervisory and management roles, with staff sizes ranging from 6 to 80 people. Her IT background includes a BA in Information Systems Management from the University of San Francisco. Prior to coming to InfoStor, Marie held the title of Production Manager at another professional records manager in addition to management positions with companies ranging from Hewlett-Packard, Fair Isaac Company, and JDS Uniphase.
  Tami Trickel, Record Center Manager
Tami oversees all aspects of record center operations including file and container intake, bar-coding, container stocking, data entry, fleet management and delivery. Tami has spent her entire 22-year career in records management, 20 of which were with Fireman's Fund Insurance Companies. InfoStor was lucky enough to get Tami in the bargain when they took on the management of FFIC's 340,000 containers of stored material.
  Ben Johnson, Record Center Supervisor
In addition to having primary oversight of InfoStor's large accounts, Ben has day-to-day responsibility for data shuttle scheduling, container and file folder intake, and auditing of workorders. Ben's experience prior to joining InfoStor in 1999 includes careers in the pharmaceuticals, property management, and hospitality industries.
  Gary Poffenholz, Delivery Services Supervisor
A six-year InfoStor employee, Gary manages the entire record center delivery staff. Gary’s day-to-day responsibilities also include customer delivery requests, fleet maintenance, route scheduling, auditing deliveries, dispatch, equipment maintenance, forklift training, and measurement of route performance. Gary is thorough in the performance of his operations and management duties. Gary’s advanced knowledge and background is a critical to the service InfoStor provides.